Happy New Years!

Did everyone eat their black eyed peas and cabbage?

I’ve started off the New Year with a sinus infection. But I did cook the whole New Year’s Day Supper by myself so that was a definite first. At this time last year I wouldn’t have known where to start.  But illness in the family found me cooking for everyone and taking care of two houses. And the nature of the illnesses meant learning to cook from scratch. I’ve learned the art of stocking the freezer with ham bones and chopped up bags of onions, peppers and mushrooms. I may not be a great cook, but no one has starved.

I finished the first book of the year today. I’m going to set my goal at 50 this year. I also have an insane backlog of magazines and want to aim for one a week. It’s supposed to start raining again in the morning so, while I can’t garden, I may as well read, knit and plan.

Speaking of knitting…I come into this year with 3 projects on the needles. First goal is to finish them. One is actually a King Sized Crocheted granny square Afghan. It’s so close but every row takes me over an hour now. I may be 5 inches away, but that’s a long time.

I hope everyone has a good year! Madeline has been keeping me company during naps and wishes everyone a joyous New Years Day.